Sewing Co-Op: Building Marketable Skills for Job Seekers

Many young women from rural areas in Nigeria are tasked with going to the city, finding work and sending money home. Ripples introduced a fashion co-op in Lagos to train these women in sewing and design so they would have opportunities beyond unskilled labor. 

Roni’s story brings to light the impact this co-op has on current and future women.

Who: Roni


  • Young woman from poor rural community, uneducated
  • Secured a job as a nanny for a Naval family in the city to support her family in the village
  • Joined the Ripples Sewing Co-op as an apprentice
  • Now owns her own sewing business creating custom tailored clothes for high-end clients


  • Married with 4 children all in school
  • She makes enough money to contribute to her household while also supporting her parents and siblings in her native village
  • She has trained more than 30+ women as apprentices who are now employed and/or have started their won businesses
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