Development Model

Our Value: A Women First Development Model

Women-led community development is required to ensure rural women are visible, included and supported with gender tailored services.

Our Value: Women First Development Model
We are founded and run by local women.
We can expertly navigate cultural complexities.
We co-create co-op businesses that fit local skills & interests.
We create systems minimizing impact to resources to protect them for the long run.
We ensure a living wage that pays for food and education.
“There should be greater input from local women’s organizations and activists.”
The UN Office Of the Special Advisor on Africa 2022 report  on Ghana and Nigeria

See how we invest in women- run businesses

Women's Enterprise: Providing The Tools For A Sustainable Future | Ripples Foundation
The Future We Want

Our plan to Open More markets to Women Entrepreneurs


UN Office of the Special Advisor on Africa report: The Intersections of Gender Inequality Regional Economic Integration and State Fragility

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