Experiential Learning

Connecting Theory Into Practice

Ripples connects academic centers focused on social enterprise and sustainable development with project-based learning opportunities in West Africa.

Student projects are similar to consulting projects and are offered across 4 key themes:

  • Water and energy systems
  • Food systems and food security
  • Social enterprise and business
  • Public health: women and family

 We recommend students be organized in teams of 4-8 (single or multi disciplinary depending on project scope}.  Academic credit is generally awarded for their work.

Note: Project scopes, dates, and length of time in and out of the country are co- created with the university sponsor.

Project Examples:

Social Enterprise

Design a plan to start up new businesses and/or enter new markets.

Food Security

Create a resilient agriculture strategy to fight climate change.

Public Health

Design health services to enhance the productivity of women-run businesses.

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