Our Work in Ghana

Overview Of our Work in Ghana

Regionally Targeted

  • Ripples works across 44 villages in the Northern Region of Ghana.
  • These villages are isolated, rural communities, where Ripples is often the only women’s empowerment CBO on ground.
  • 70% of people below the poverty line in these regions are women because gender inequalities limit their access to upward mobility – no childcare, financing, education, nor decision making power.

Committed to Long Term Impact 

  • Driving results since 2011.
  • Ready to scale to meet thousands on our wait list.

Focus for 2023: Drought Resistant Farming for Food Security

Ripples serves over 9,100 women and 45,000 children in Shea Butter production. However, this is a seasonal business and due to climate change and heavy droughts they face food insecurity during the offseason. A climate friendly intervention is needed for off season food security.



Rural Women entrepreneurs
have access to financial independence


Children have access to
food security and can go to school


Increase in income due to organic and fair trade certification

Women Businesses in Ghana

Shea Butter

Scaling business to access more women and more markets:
The Ripples approach

Stories from the Field

Funke Owonubi

When women lead community based organizations,
change follows

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