Ripples Impacts 12 Sustainable Development Goals in rural West Africa

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is a charter of 17 objectives designed to create a better world by 2030. Because of Ripples Women-first development model, we are able to support 12 of the goals.   Below is a run down by project type:

Womens Enterprise and Microfinance Programs

Why only woman centered CBOs can create representation and visibility for women in business and government:

Gender responsive solutions to Food Security and Climate Change

Why Gender responsive solutions are vital to fight hunger for families:

Reproductive and Family Healthcare

Why women- centered care is required to balance work and caregiver roles:

Ripples capacity building programs have long term social Impact

17,200 women entrepreneurs with access to:
  • Skills and financial literacy training 
  • Dignified work
  • Fare Wages
  • Reproductive healthcare
  • Childcare
66 partnerships with local and national government bodies
1,720 women leadership and decision making roles created
68,800 children with access to:
  • Food security
  • School
  • Healthcare
  • Future employment
63 communities which benefit from:
  • Economic investment
  • Family healthcare
80,000 Acres of Land:
  • Regenerated via agroforestry
  • Farmed via organic practices
  • Improved biodiversity & soil health
  • Protected from floods & desertification
  • Provide food & economic security
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