Shea Butter Enterprise: Launching & Scaling a Women-Run Business in Rural Ghana

Shea Butter: 2011 Production by Hand

2011 Production by Hand
Shea Butter 2018 Production by Machine

2018 Production by Machine

In 2011 Ripples launched a Shea Butter enterprise in rural Ghana.  The global demand for Shea Butter paired with the existing skills of the local women made it a logical product choice. 

Ripples trained the women on grading and classifying Shea Butter, and how to produce and sell it domestically and internationally.  Later, through funding provided by the UN, fair trade and organic certifications were secured connecting the women to more global markets.  This led to further funding from our donor base to expand manufacturing capabilities across two plants.  

Together with our donor partners and the local women,  the Shea Butter business has grown to serve over 9,000 women and 45,0000 children.  

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