Ripples Health Care Services in Action

Since 2015, Ripples has delivered family healthcare  to over 17K patients. This intervention has led to a 20% increase in productivity as women are free to focus on business instead of care. Below are pictures of our Medical team and our patients in the field.

Dr Marayam:

Based in the northern Nigerian in the town of Kano, Dr Marayam is the volunteer Medical Director for Ripples Nigeria.  She volunteers her time not only for bi-annual community visits but also for on-going care.

Iyabo Patient & Mother of 4:

During a biannual visit from Dr Marayam’s team, Iyabo receives diabetes medical care.

Opeyemi Patient & Mother of 4:

Opeyemi has a routine medical exam and is diagnosed with high blood pressure. She is provided with education and medication for treatment between medical visits.

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