Notes from the field: The Business Case for Family Healthcare

Stories from the field: The business case for Women and Family Health


In 2015 we asked our women entrepreneurs what else they needed from Ripples to succeed.  What we heard most often was family healthcare.

As mothers, women were forced to stop working to care for their sick children and family members. Some of these illnesses had the potential to be long and possibly fatal due to lack of access to care.

Medical Outreach: Solution


  • Community based health services
  • Bi-annual visits from Ripples volunteer medical team – care is provided to the entire village and Includes check ups, medication and medical treatments 
  • Family Health insurance – provided to co-op employees, it pays for employees and their family members to have coverage in local hospital systems
  • Supplies for on-going care at home and via cottage hospitals
Medical Outreach: Impact


  • Increased productivity by 20%

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