Hibiscus is Driving Flavor Innovation across the Food and Beverage Category

Hibiscus has become popular everywhere – in fact it was reported as one of the top 10 food trends of 2022 by Whole Foods.  Traditionally, in the United States it has been used in teas, but in Africa it has had a long been used in other drinks, spreads and desserts.  (The New York Times Nigerian food stylist and writer, Yewande Komolafe wrote about her Hibiscus-Spiraled Ginger Cookies.)   In the United States, hibiscus is now being added to fruit spreads, yogurts, delicious drinks and other foods.

The Nigerian hibiscus varietal comes in the deepest of red hues, resulting in a unique bold flavor with less product needed than other varietals.  Request a flavor consultation or sample by contacting sales@ripplesfoundation.org.

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